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We offer a confidential sounding board to test your strategy and logic. We will help
you develop a business plan that addresses people issues (TUPE for example), the market place, important operational considerations as well as ensuring the numbers add up.

Good acquisitions that are well planned add value. Poorly executed deals, destroy value very quickly. Our expertise doesn't lie in facilitating multi £m acquisitions. What we offer is practical advice that supplements that from your appointed accountants, helping to ensure that deals actually happen, and that practical problems are foreseen and overcome.

We can assist in the entire acquisition process, from targeting, through approach, valuation and negotiation to completion. Practical experience includes successfully acquiring and relocating businesses with 100 employees plus.

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We will be  running the latest in our series of Business Growth workshops on Tuesday 29th October, at the NMC, West Bromwich, B70 6QE, 9.00am -12.00

No cost to business owners just lots of great ideas. Click the link below to register your interest.

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