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Stephen Saunders

Established at the end of 2005, ACL (Anvil Consultants Ltd) has helped many businesses grow: improving sales, bottom lines and the quality of their Directors' lives.

During this time experience has been gained in a wide variety of areas. Working with companies in sectors as diverse as Education, Precision Engineering, Electronics and Care Homes, we have been able to add real value to our clients.


As well as working one-to-one with Owner/Directors we have also set up tailored training programs to help teams deliver results.

Executive Director Stephen Saunders has a history of running businesses at the sharp end. Operating for over 20 years as MD of companies employing up to 500 people, he has a strong track record of profit improvement. As he says, he has 'got most of the T-Shirts'.

Hilton Hall

A Management/Engineering Graduate and Chartered Engineer, Stephen believes in practical advice, and 'doing' rather than just talking. Working with ACL is about generating results that you can see and measure.

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ACL are currently scheduling their latest Leadership Training - Theory and Practise group workshops.

If you wish to improve your leadership skills please click on the link below and register your interest.

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